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Producing electric heaters

ELMERA, a company producing electric heaters, was founded in 1988. From the very begining it produce quality electric heaters: tubular air and water heaters, tubular air heaters with ribs, flat heaters, heaters for tram and railway points, cartridge heaters, heaters cast in silumin, and all other kinds of electric heaters.

Tubular heaters

Cijevni grijači
Tubular heaters.
Producing tubular heaters on a variety of mounts for water, oil and other fluids

Heaters in ceramics

Grijači za skretnice
Heaters in ceramics.
Use in bakeries, and for industrial water heaters, voltage from 48 V to 400 V .

Cartridge heaters

Ostali grijači
Cartridge heaters.
Heaters for tools with larger Watt load per cm2, highly resistance to shock and vibration.